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"An insightful dystopian tale with dynamic characters and a surfeit of surprises." - Kirkus Reviews 

The year is 2075 and the human race is dying. 

Decades of war, famine, and bio-engineering have finally taken their toll, and birth rates have declined to near zero. The leaders of two of the solar system's largest corporations believe they can save humanity, but they will have to break the law to do it. 

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Revival: Restoration Series Book 2


Revival is the working title for the second book in the Restoration series. 

What happens when Aneni revives the colonists? And what mysteries does Gaia have in store for them? 

Look for it in the second half of 2019.

Rebirth: Restoration Series Book 3


Rebirth is the working title for the third book in the Restoration series.

The colonists are running out of options...and time. 

Planned for first half of 2020.

The Fourth World


The Fourth World is the working title for  an upcoming project.

Follow Marissa Spencer, an archeologist, and her twin brother, Michael, across the globe and in to space as they attempt to unravel an ancient mystery. 

Release date TBD