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Restoration book cover.

The year is 2075 and the human race is dying. Decades of war, famine, and bio-engineering have finally taken their toll, and birth rates have declined to near zero. The leaders of two of the solar system’s largest corporations believe they can save humanity, but they will have to break the law to do it. 

When Doctor Evan Feldman decided to have his body frozen immediately after his death, he always hoped that one day the technology would exist to cure his cancer ravaged body. But he never imagined that his granddaughter, Aubrey Harris, would be the one to restore him to life, nor could he imagine how much the world would change in fifty years. He doesn’t know it yet, but he is at the center of a secret plan to save the human race from extinction.

After General Secretary Dianne Merkel, head of the government agency charged with enforcing Earth’s anti-cloning laws, learns that Evan has been restored she will stop at nothing to bring him, and those that restored him, to justice. Unfortunately for her, Evan has a lot of help and she soon finds that capturing him is easier said than done.

Aubrey and her co-conspirators are determined to succeed at any cost and they quickly get Evan off of the Earth, sending him fleeing across the Solar System in a frantic race against time. With an elite team of soldiers closing in on them, the conspirators are forced to improvise. Has restoring Evan cost them everything they’ve worked for?